Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long weekend and a mini haul!

Three day weekend! Although I spent most of it cleaning I did get out yesterday to see this...

Good movie! I really liked it! Would I pick it over Lincoln or Les Miz to win the Best Picture Oscar? No.  But I would recommend this to people!

While I was at the mall I hit up the sales again.  I just can't help it which is why I should not go to the mall. Especially not by myself! I need to conserve my money for bills and all the traveling I want to do this year.  But I have no reasoning when I see an item of clothing marked down! Apparently, the same goes for comestics.  I vowed that I would not buy anymore cosmetics since I purchased so much for myself for Christmas.  And, I also subscribe to a couple beauty boxes.  I have plenty of makeup! But, you know who suckers me in? YouTube.  Yup, I subscribe to a couple  several beauty gurus.  I am always seeing a product that I want to try.  Doesn't matter if it is wildly inappropriate for me ::cough:: red lipstick ::cough:: I still add it to my list.  Here is my mini haul at the drugstore:

These are on the lower end in cost which is a good thing.  And the only reason why I bought them was because I saw a YouTuber mention them.  Yes, I am that easy.

While I am on the subject of makeup let me take a moment to do a little rave over a beauty subscription I received.  I started with Birchbox but ended up cancelling it last month after months of being disappointed.  I have two makeup subscriptions now.  Sample Society and Ipsy. I'll review Sample Society some other time.  Right now let me talk about Ipsy.  Again, swayed by a YouTuber! I didn't know what to expect with this subscription.  I knew that the products came in a little makeup bag.  I was skeptical.  The last thing I needed was a bunch of cheap makeup bags cluttering up my already too cluttered abode.  But I gave it a try anyway.  And I love it! I have only been doing it for three months but I have not been disappointed! I love these beauty subscriptions because it is like getting a present - that I pay for - in the mail every month! It is such a let down to open a box to find samples that I could have easily gotten for free at Sephora.  That has not been the case with Ipsy! Here is a picture of my latest bag:

I should have opened that box of Nailtini! It is a bright red creme nail polish that I love! The bags have been cute and I am actually using them! Thumbs up to Ipsy!

I spent all day Sunday unburying my treadmill.  Yeah, it was that bad.  Also,  I have a tendency when I am cleaning to go overboard which is probably why I hate to clean so much.  I was so tired by the time I got the treadmill up and running again that I was too tired to use it.  But I'm feeling good that I got it done and now I can start training for my 5k! Yeah, we have snow on the ground again and it is 11 degrees out.  I am spending as little time as possble outside!!

Still trying to figure out how to post pictures.  I am such a dunce.

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