Thursday, April 11, 2013

DC Vacation and CUCB!!

I haven't kept up with this blog but since no one but me is reading it didn't seem like a big deal.  A little has happened since I last wrote.  I had a birthday which turned out to be disappointing.  I have had some personal issues that were pretty shattering.  And I just got back from Washington DC and the Credit Union Cherry Blossom race.

We left on Thursday, April 4th so that we could spend some time vacationing in DC.  Out first stop was at Fed Ex Field since my friend and her little one are huge Redskins fans.  I am not a football fan at all.  But I had to go to the bathroom something fierce so I got to pee in Redskins territory.  The gift shop was big and my friends were in their glory!

Redskins Gift Shop

Fed Ex Field

Next it was on to our hotel which was in Virginia just over the bridge from Georgetown.  We were on the fifth floor with a decent view into DC. We got settled in and then walked over the Key Memorial Bridge into Georgetown.  Our destination was Georgetown Cupcakes!! There was a line to get in but it was not bad.  We were speaking with the girl at the door and told her that we had been to the G-Town Cupcakes in Boston. She said she had been there last summer, too, and the little one recognized her as waiting on us there.  We got our dozen cupcakes and then walked the streets looking for a place to eat.  I had never been to Georgetown before and I just loved it.  All the shops and restaurants! We ended up eating at Martin's Tavern.  I was on vacation so all the healthy eating options went out the window!! I even had a roll with butter which is something I rarely eat these days! The meal was good and I was stuffed.  We walked back to the hotel. And we changed rooms! My friend wanted a better view so we were changed to a room on the 10th floor! Now we had a really good view into DC and the Washington Monument!

 I took the little one to the pool while my friend did some work.  

Friday we headed back into Georgetown and these--

Another line but, again, not bad.  We went shopping--first stopping at Lululemon's.  I got a pair of running socks since I did not have any.  The little one got a headband. We went to Buffalo Exchange -- I had heard of it and really wanted to check it out.  My friend found a beautiful dress that was even half off the sticker price.  I ended up getting a maxi skirt and a pair of Minnetonka mocassins.  There was a Kate Spade bag that I would have loved but it was very worn. 

We stopped in at Lush because that was on my list of spaces to shop. There were a couple things I wanted and figured I'd save myself a shipping charge by going to the store directly.  The person who waited on us was a bit over the top.  To the point of being annoying.  I picked up what I had wanted and we got out of there. 

We went into a few more stores and then into Sprinkles Cupcakes.  We were on a Cupcake Crawl!! I knew of Sprinkles (I watch Cupcake Wars!) but had never had one.  They had a cinnamon cupcake and cinnamon is my favorite so I had to get it!

Triple Cinnamon Cupcake
Unfortunately, it was not very good.  My cupcakes felt like it was underdone and the frosting was way too sweet! I love cupcakes and will try them all.  But Georgetown Cupcakes keeps coming up the winner!

We stopped in the Old Stone House which is supposed to be the oldest house in DC.  We got stamps in our National Parks Passport Book. 

After a visit through the house we stopped at Pinkberry! Another place I had heard of but had never been to.  If you are keeoing track so far I have eaten two cupcakes and frozen yogurt.  No real food at all! Ah, the joys of being on vacation!

We headed back over the bridge named after Francis Scott Key and dropped off our stuff at the hotel.  Then we went to the Metro to go into DC.  We headed for the Expo to pick up our packets and check out the expo.  Didn't buy too much there.  This was actually my first expo and it was a little overwhelming.  We bought patches, bandanas and head scarves.  We got some samples of chips, granola, and Lara Bars!

After we left there we were on a mission to find Cherry Blossom margaritas! We had stopped at many places along our travels and no one seemed to have them! We ended up in a restaurant in Chinatown.  Since it was Friday night the place was packed and NOISY! The restaurant was upstairs but the bar was downstairs so we sat in the bar and had a drink. I don't know how people go out drinking in DC! Two drinks and a soda came to over $30!!

We didn't hang around because Chinatown was just a scary place to be! So, it was back to the hotel where we ordered pizza for dinner.   And, of course, cupcakes!! That is the end of our second day in DC!

To be continued....