Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Things I am Loving

Just a few things I am loving today...

1. Anjou Pears!

I had been eating apples every day for months.  But lately the apples taste rather, well, tasteless to me.  I don't know if that is ME or if the apples really are tasteless.  They aren't in season any longer so I'll go with it being their fault! I need to have some kind of fruit with me at work.  So, I started buying bags of pears.  I started with Bartlet which I like.  They did start to get overly ripe by the time I got to the bottom of the bag, tho.  When I was shopping they didn't have Bartlett anymore.  They had Anjou so that is what I got.  And these are even better than the Bartlett! Very sweet just how I like them!

2. Bear Naked Maple Pecan Granola!

I like to have a little granola with my Oikos yogurt in the morning.  It just feels more like a meal to me that way.  I had been eating the Love Grown granola which I do like.  I have to get that through Amazon, tho, as it is not stocked in my grocery store.  I decided to pick up a bag of this granola at Target a few months ago and I LOVE it!! My grocery store does carry Bear Naked but not this flavor! :(

3. Brookside Dark Chocolate-covered fruit!!

I heard about these on another blog.  They aren't in my grocery store but a random trip to BJ's--and there they were! They come in big bags but also in these 100 calorie back bags.  While I am not much of a chocolate person I do prefer dark chocolate over milk.  I am not much of a snacker, either, but I have a few bags of these at work for those times when I start to get hungry.  They are very good and I love that they are portioned controlled!!

4. Chai Tea!

I don't normally like to drink my calories but I do make some exceptions! This is one of those exceptions! I love the chai tea from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts but rarely get it.  I came across these k-cups in chai tea and decided to try it.  The taste is very close to the tea from Starbucks and DD! Well, close enough for me!! And it is 60 calories per cup.  Maybe not the healthiest of choices (I imagine there are chemically things in there along with the tea) but a great occasional treat!

5. Georgetown Cupcakes!!

I just thought I would add this in here! I don't currently have any cupcakes.  But I LOVE...let me repeat that...LOVE Georgetown Cupcakes!! Can't wait to get some when I am in DC in April!!


  1. Mmmm that granola sounds heavenly!

  2. It is! I love opening the bag and getting hit with that whiff of maple! But it's almost gone!