Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Blues

I hate winter.  I hate cold weather.  Winter makes me feel closed in.  I tell people that the way I like snow is looking at it in a picture.  Since I have lost weight over the past 8 months I feel the cold even more.  We have been a little bit fortunate (yeah, that is me looking for the bright side to this!) in that we did not receive any snow until nearly Christmas.  So, instead of having 5-6 months of winter, maybe we will skirt by with only 3 months.  Fingers crossed! My pedestrian life is literal.  I don't drive.  I am a professional pedestrian.  I could try to explain why I don't drive but it really isn't anyone's business.  I will mention that over the past two years I have been dealing with eye issues which would make me stop driving if I ever was a driver.  You just would not want me out on the road! The phrase "menace to society" comes to mind.  So, being a pedestrian in the winter sucks big time.  Sidewalks not shoveled, corners plowed in, and ice everywhere!! Not to mention that it is cold!!!!!!!! I take public transportation to work most days.  My walk to the bus stop to get home is around 5 blocks.  I don't mind it when the weather is good.  When it isn't--it is torture.  But it is the price I pay for being a pedestrian.

Another problem is running.  I have always been a walker, obviously, but I have never been a runner.  Since my healthy lifestyle journey began back in April 2012 I have participated in a few 5k walks.  What I noticed about myself is that I hate being passed.  Because of this I walk faster making it harder to pass me.  Then I see someone ahead of me and make it a goal to pass them! Senior citizen ahead--yup, gotta pass ya! A child ahead of me--you might be younger but I have to pass you! There are times when I am walking where I feel like I have to run.  Did I just say that?? Me who always said, "Why run when you can walk?"?? It is something inside me that just felt the need to break into a run! I started the Couch to 5k program a few months back.  But did not get very far before it started getting dark at 4:30.  I don't feel safe running by myself in the dark.  And then it got cold.  And then it snowed.  All excuses, I know, for someone who is serious about running.  I WILL find a way to do it.  I have signed up for a 5k in April which I am determined to run NOT walk!! I have a treadmill that could be unearthed which would help a bit.  I am seriously considering running in my own backyard until the weather gets nicer and days get longer. It will happen!! And I don't care if I ever run a half marathon or a full marathon.  If I only ever run 5k's I will be happy.  And proud of my accomplishment!

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