Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Thoughts

     It kind of sucks to be a newbie at blogging.  I have no clue how to add pictures.  I can't download anything at the moment because I am not on my own computer.  Anyway, I am listening to Sonny Landreth's Elemental Journey at the moment.  And eating a lunch of carrots and lite ranch dressing.  It got me thinking how maybe 8-9 months ago if I saw someone eating carrots I'd feel sorry for them.  Sorry that they weren't eating something that was more yummy.  Something, anything, that wasn't carrots.  Eating carrots and celery usually meant that you were "dieting".  I hate using the word diet as a verb.  I don't eat carrots because I am dieting.  I eat them because I want to live a healthier lifestyle.  Carrots are better for me than potato chips. 

     I used have that same "poor you" thought when I'd hear my co-worker across the hall finishing up her container of yogurt.  I could hear the spoon hitting the empty bottom of the container.  Poor her--she has to eat yogurt!! I hated yogurt! HATED it.  I have tried over the years to like it.  I'd try different brands and flavors but they always had that yogurt taste. That tangy after taste that I just could not stand.  My niece tried all different brands of yogurt trying to decide which ones she liked the best.  We'd go shopping when she came home from school and pick out 5-6 kinds.  She told me that she thought I'd like one of the kinds she had tried.  So, I bought one to try.  And ended up throwing it out because it sat in my fridge past the expiration date.  I bought another one.  And ended up throwing that one out, too.  Third time is the charm and I actually tried the container I purchased and -- SURPRISE -- I loved it!! I tried all the flavors of the brand and settle on the one I liked the best. 

Oikos Key Lime Yogurt!!!!! LOVE IT!! I eat it every morning at work with a little bit of granola.  I look forward to eating it.  And when my spoon hits the bottom I think, "Poor me! It's all gone!"

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